Morgan’s Organ 01-05 Release (English info)


SuperDeluxe launches original music label MEDAMA RECORDS with five live recordings by Morgan Fisher. “Morgan’s Organ 01-05” available now from iTunes Store, Napster, Rhapsody, Amazon and other online vendors!

About Morgan’s Organ
Morgan Fisher has been performing his "Morgan's Organ" solo keyboard improvisations at SuperDeluxe every month since November 2003. The combination of Morgan's fabulous collection of vintage keyboards with his wide-ranging musical experience of 40 years
results in panoramic musical soundscapes created in front of the audience, with no preparation other than the choice of which keyboards to play. The performances have evolved from shorter pieces into long improvisations, like "movies for the ears," whose storyline unfolds spontaneously and organically, with the occasional surprising, sometimes volcanic, change of mood. Visit the Morgan's Organ MySpace page for excerpts, photos and other material:
Morgan’s Organ MySpace

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 01

track list: MO-01-1 (39'31"), MO-01-2 (22'29")
Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 01

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 02

track list: MO-02-1 (17'14"), MO-02-2 (7'29"), MO-02-3 (6'22")
Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 02

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 03

track list: MO-03-1 (22'44"), MO-03-2 (11'59")
Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 03

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 04

track list: MO-04-1 (29'47"), MO-04-2 (13'52)
Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 04

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 05

Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 05
track list: MO-05-1 (20'41), MO-05-2 (7'53), MO-05-3 (10'22"), MO-05-4 (24'10)
Morgan Fisher - Morgan's Organ 05

Morgan Fisher
Morgan Fisher HP

About Morgan Fisher
Keyboard player / Composer / Producer / Light Painter. Born in London, England, on January 1st, 1950. '68~'76: Played keyboards in The Love Affair, Third Ear Band, Mott the Hoople, and his own progressive rock band Morgan. '78~'80: Art-punk album "Hybrid Kids," the cult classic "Miniatures" album (51 one-minute tracks by cutting-edge musicians from Robert Fripp to Hector Zazou) and his first ambient album "Slow Music" with Lol Coxhill. '82: Played live with Queen. '85: Moved to Japan, developed his improvised music, and created abstract photographs called Light Paintings (as on the Morgan's Organ album covers). Played with Japanese artists Yoko Ono, The Boom, and Haruomi Hosono. Recent works: an album with Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of Cluster), performances with The Minus 5 and Robyn Hitchcock, music for film and TV, two exhibitions of light paintings in Tokyo.

2008 8/14 up


2018年07月18日 (水)

Ring-Ring Party!~りんりんパーティー!~vol.17 華のセブンティーンin ROPPONGI SPECIAL!!

開場 19:00 / 開演 19:30

チケット 予約2500円 / 当日3000円(ドリンク別)

ダンス、ライブ、バーレスクなど様々なエンターテインメントと、気持ちよく踊れるDJタイムを楽しめる、盛りだくさんなイベント【Ring-Ring Party!】今回、華の17回目にして、初のSuperDeluxeでの開催!