公式イベント Rhombus

開場 19:00 / 開演 19:30

料金 前売り 3200 / 当日 3500 (1ドリンク付)

"Onwards 2007 Tour >> NZ Australia Japan"
Rhombus in Japan!!

One of New Zealand’s finest bands Rhombus are coming to Japan from May 31 - June 10th 2007!Formed in 2001, Rhombus have grown to be one of the most popular, award-winning bands in New Zealand! Renowned for their eclectic styles (reggae, soul, hip hop, funk to name a few) Rhombus never fail to rock the party from start to finish! Since their first release 'Bass Player' in 2002, they've forged a well-deserved reputation as one of New Zealand's most original and energetic live acts, selling out shows and festivals across the country. This live band features A-list free-styling MC’s Mana and Antsman, DJ Koa, and the soulful voice of Lisa Tomlins. Holding down the beats, bass, keys and dubs are Si the Knife, and Thomas Voyce. The band are no strangers to Japan. Founding member Thomas Voyce lived in Okayama-ken from 2001-2003. He and fellow founding member Simon Rycroft have built a strong relationship with Japan’s Peace Boat as guest speakers over the last 2 years. Rhombus are looking forward to bringing their unique Kiwi sound to Tokyo for the first time!Don’t miss this band!!

Rhombus, is the sound of summer from down, down under. This constantly evolving Wellington based Aotearoa(NZ) collective, is an eclectic yet cohesive showcase of individual talent shining through a universal spirit.
The Rhombus sound is a seamless blend of hip-hop, soul, funk, roots-reggae, spliced together with socially conscious lyrics. They’ve forged a well-deserved reputation as an exciting live-act, carried by a musical proficiency across all members that allows the Wellington based crew to expand their grooves into spontaneous eruptions of livewire intensity and has catapulted Rhombus to the forefront of New Zealand’s festival touring scene. The Rhombus live show is full of energy and positive vibes, while their ability to engage their audience is second to none.

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