公式イベント OPEN LOUNGE! スペシャルゲスト:Sten Ove Toft(ノルウェー)Marieke Verbiesen(オランダ)

カテゴリ: 音楽 | ラウンジ

タグ: Animation | Electronica | Experimental | Noise | Unpredictable | Video | 来日公演

開場 19:00 / 開演 19:00

料金 入場無料(要ドリンクオーダー)

Sten Ove Toft(ノルウェー)ノイズ&ドローン
Marieke Verbiesen (オランダ) ライブアニメーション


Sten Ove Toft (ノルウェー)
Heavy drones, ambient, massive dark walls of sound, industrial and chaotic noise. These are some of the things that you should be prepared to hear when listening to the sounds of Sten Ove Toft. Toft is one of the veterans in the Norwegian Noise scene, alongside names such as Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre, Sindre Berja and Deathprod. For 15 years he's performed in 19 countries as a solo artist and with different constellations like Ryfylke, Faux Pas, Utarm, The Megaphonic Thrift, MoE and Serena-Maneesh to mention a few. But for the last couple of years he's been focusing on Dead Neanderthals and ALTAAR - a doom metal band that released their first album on Indie Recordings (Satyricon, Kvelertak, Cult of Luna, etc). For fans of: Tim Hecker, Daniel Menche, Deathprod.
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Marieke Verbiesen (オランダ)
Marieke Verbiesen creates interactive works & animations based on B-Movies, Computer games and Science Fiction Fenonoma, Marieke blends the use of obsolete technology like old computer hardware and super8 film with new technologies such as interactive interfaces and motiontracking. Marieke ́s live animation performance builds up to a variety of eccentric animated loops, where the animations form a playful, synchronised kinship with the music, using animation as a live performative tool. The performance shows loops of the evolving animated composition, bolstered by idiosyncratic movements, kaleidoscopic outbursts & detonated velocity. Marieke has performed with Anamaguchi, Fuck Buttons, Aavikko, Canblast- er, Laurie Anderson, DAT Politics & Lucky Dragons. Marieke's work has been showed and screened at Onedotzero, DogA Olso, File-Festival, HAFF, Resfest, Playgroundsfestival, Festival d Amiens, Portland Animation Festival, Rotterdam Filmfestival, BIFF, Lovebytes, Grimstad Shortfilmfestival, Piksel Festival, Lowlands, Dumbo Arts New York, The Baltic Newcastle, Chicago Museum for Modern Art, Melbourne Filmfestival, Malmø Kunsthal, Brasil Filmfestival, Beursschouwburg Brussel, Bangkok New Media Art festival, Empac New York, Monument Museum of Digital Arts Beijng, Slamdance Festival, Westcoast Filmcentre, Portland Museum for Modern Art, Futuresonic, the Brittish Film Institute, Pictoplasma Berlin, Bergen Kunsthal, Haus der Kulturen Welt Berlin, Pulsewave NYC, ICA London, Click Festival, Dataspace, SXSW Festival, Pixelache, Transmediale, Glasgow Centre for Contemporary Art, Oberhausen New Media Art Festival, Hong Kong Arts Foundation & Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen.
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Live Animation