公式イベント LaBrassBanda 南ドイツのバイエルン州から初来日公演!

カテゴリ: 音楽

タグ: Folk | Jazz | Pop | Ska | Unpredictable | World | 来日公演

開場 19:00 / 開演 20:00

料金 予約 2500円 / 当日3000円 (ドリンク別)

本国ドイツで絶大な人気を誇るスカミクスチャーバンド「LaBrassBanda」来日!! テンションMAXの熱いステージに大注目!!



Back in 2007, they used to be a real insider's tip: In the Upper Bavarian Chiemgau region, people in well-informed circles would whisper the name ‘LaBrassBanda’ and they would wax enthusiastic about this incredible band with its trademark mixture of Bavarian folk music and ska punk, techno, reggae and brass. The concerts, they said, were an explosion of energy. Anyone lucky enough to see one would feel the ecstasy for days. And they would go on and on about those guys who all entered the stage barefoot. Perhaps one could have guessed even then that LaBrassBanda would one day play in sold-out halls, perform at international festivals, and make it into the top three of the charts - but then again, who wants to think about the future in a moment as great as that little club gig where the walls are dripping with water and everybody both on- and offstage is wearing an overjoyed grin.

A lot has happened in LaBrassBanda's ten years of existence: a tour through Austria on vintage mopeds and a tractor during the 2008 European Football Championship which culminated in an invitation to play the main stage for the final in Vienna. Concerts in Russia, Zimbabwe, and England, but also at the legendary rock club ‘Whisky a Go Go’ in Los Angeles. Performances at all the major festivals - from Southside and Chiemsee Summer to Sziget. One (of many) highlights: the legendary 2009 Roskilde Festival. Dettl is still gushing about it: ‘When we entered the large stage in that tent and started performing for maybe 100 Danes dressed in full Oktoberfest gear, and when the tent gradually began to fill up, so that we ended up with 6,000 ecstatic festival goers who cheered and celebrated us - that was a truly incredible moment!’

Between gigs, LaBrassBanda performed the occasional beer tent concert every now and then. And in 2013, they came second in the Eurovision Song Contest preliminaries (and it felt like first place), plus the three studio albums (‘Habedieehre’, ‘Übersee’, and ‘Europa’), a normal live album (‘Live Olympiahalle München’), a not-so-normal live album recorded in a cowshed (‘Kiah Royal’), and a dub album (‘Europa in Dub’).

Stefan Dettl - vocals, trumpet
Manuel Winbeck - trombone
Manuel Da Coll - percussion
Fabian Jungreithmayr - bass
Stefan Huber - tuba
Jörg Hartl - trumpet
Korbinian Weber - trumpet

OUT 2017-02-24