公式イベント MOON RELAY / 浅野達彦

カテゴリ: 音楽

タグ: Experimental | Japan | Psychedelic | Rock | Unpredictable | Video | 来日公演

開場 19:30 / 開演 20:00

料金 予約2500円 / 当日3000円 (ドリンク別)


■ Moon Relay (from ノルウェー)
■ 浅野達彦

Moon Relay
Members: Daniel Meyer Grønvold, Håvard Volden, Martin S. Larsen, Ola Høyer


The rock quartet Moon Relay plays instrumental music that evokes hallucinations, dancing and thought forays into a fairy-tale world. In 2013 the band released a now long-sold-out 12-inch disc on the HUBRO label, and the following year their album debut on the Fysisk Format label received critical acclaim. The band’s members draw inspiration from a variety of genres, including the psychedelia of the 60s, krautrock, techno, no wave, surf rock, free jazz, electroacoustic music and the studio experiments of Joe Meek. Their their new album Full Stop Etc is different from the group’s eponymous debut album in a number of ways. The tunes are shorter and more stringently arranged, and the band has opened doors to new rooms. The album was created to a greater extent in the studio this time. The musicians wanted to distance themselves somewhat from a classic “rock band in a room” sound. They wanted to take the liberty of making a more collage-like album. The album was recorded partially at Malabar Studio and partially at the band’s own home studio over a long period of time, and was mixed by noise musician and producer Lasse Marhaug. The result is a creative album that is both captivating and surprising, and that represents a significant extension of the band’s universe.



1996年にMOODMAN主催のレーベル「M.O.O.D/donut」からシングル『bonjour』をリリース。 2000年任天堂テレビゲーム「巨人のドシン1」のサウンドトラック、『ドシンの跡を追って』を発表。2001年、『bonjour』を聴いたアレック・エンパイアからオファーを受け、彼の主宰する英国のレーベルGeist から初のフルアルバム『Genny Haniver』をリリース。2004年"クサマヤヨイの前衛ファッションショー!"の音楽を担当。2005年デヴィッド・シルヴィアンのリミックス・アルバム『Blemish Remixes』に参加。2008年2ndアルバム『Spacewatch』をAKICHI RECORDSよりリリース。現在都内を中心にライブ活動を行なっている。